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We act for the region

Because we want to grow together. We create a warm network of connections. The network which connects us with the residents, institutions and businesses. The network which is constantly growing in all directions. Continuously and reliably.

75 500 000

PLN for development

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400 000


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km of a new heating network

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17 080

tons of CO2 less

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We act for innovation

The world is racing forward. The needs of our clients are constantly changing. We keep up with them, we even try to outrun them. Heat engineering is changing as well. This is no longer just about the heat.


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we keep on going further and further

We are moving forward. We are searching for new markets. We are sending our heat further and further. To yet another building. Yet another house. Yet another family. We want to give more and more of ourselves. And be wherever we need to be.



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16 km

of network will be built and modernised by GPEC SERWIS

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